Struggling to keep your New Years Resolutions?

The beginning of a new year can mean something different for a variety of people, but there appears to

be a strong feeling of a “new beginning” for most. This sense of a renewed or rejuvenated self can result

in a desire to accomplish goals, or resolutions, for the year. For some, the experience is positive, and

they accomplish their objectives easily. However, if anyone out there is like me and my past attempts at

New Year’s resolutions, the process can leave you feeling frustrated or hopeless at times when it doesn’t

work just as you had planned.

For this reason, I thought I would share a few tips on how to keep pushing through to meet your goals,

even if the progression isn’t exactly what you thought it would be:

1. Keep it simple and specific- Some goals, like losing weight or quitting smoking, can be daunting

because they require a lot of work and behavior change. Instead of being vague in the goal to

lose weight, it may be more effective to set a goal to lose 10 pounds in four months. This gives

you a direction to go, rather than getting overwhelmed with waiting for the scale to change


2. Don’t beat yourself up- It’s purely fact that none of us are perfect. As much as you would like to

be able to stick to that diet every day, someone at the office is bound to bring you a favorite

treat. Sometimes you really would rather sleep in instead of going to the gym. All that stress

would decrease if you could have a cigarette. Life is a progression of ups and downs, and the

best resolution that you can have is to get back on track when you derail once or twice.

3. Share your goals- Sharing what you are working toward in 2019 with a partner, friend, or family

member may ensure that you are able to have someone to push you when you need it. Or, they

may be a good listener for when you slip up and need some encouragement to get back on


The new year can be a great time of year to decide to work toward a new lifestyle, and it doesn’t have to

be stressful or overwhelming. Sometimes it isn’t the fact that you have a large change that is making a

difference, but rather that you are recognizing that you are pushing yourself to be better. Keep those

resolutions going!