I always knew that my dream was to return home after school, to the community where I grew up, and serve that community in the best way I knew how - to impact the stigma of mental health and help others find their greatest strengths.

I came to this work by way of personal and professional evolution. I am in recovery. I have also experienced mental illness. Both have stigmas. Both suck. And both have helped me find deep levels of peace, serenity, and grace. My goal is to help you find the ways mental illness (and addiction) can motivate, strengthen, and guide you.

I believe that to truly see change in how we feel and act within our world, we have to engage from the roots. This is why I focus on helping you heal rather than teaching you skills. Helping you face fears and address obstacles like panic, shame, pain, guilt, and inadequacy is one of my favorite parts of the work we will do. These obstacles drain mental energy and cloud thinking. You don’t have to face these obstacles alone.

I believe that our greatest asset is our capacity to embrace everything that life has to offer - the good, the bad, and everything in between. I think that adversity can be a brilliant teacher if we’re willing to be taught.

While I’m trained to provide therapy to individuals, couples, and families, I specialize in the treatment of trauma and the complex and resistant triggers and symptoms associated with that trauma.


I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is about understanding the connection between how you think, how you feel, your physical symptoms, and how you act at the present time. I am also trained in helping you uncover unconscious drives that come from your past. Our work together will move fluidly between the past and present so you can create a future that is fulfilling, meaningful, and intentional.

In our sessions, I'll show you how to be vulnerable and genuine by being that way myself. I'll laugh at your jokes. You can show me your favorite dog video or Star Wars meme before we start. You're as likely to find me sitting back in my leather chair wearing jeans and flannel as sitting perfectly poised in slacks and a tie. (Okay, who am I kidding? Much more likely.)  And then we'll get down to the hard work. Because therapy is hard work, for both of us. But it's also rewarding, fulfilling, life-giving work. I can't wait to share that with you.

I bring all of me into my work. I am present and transparent, often reflecting personal examples that may illuminate a place where you are feeling stuck or to help you feel less isolated. Given this, if you're looking for a 'blank slate' therapist, we are probably not a good fit. I am right there with you.


I am the owner and Executive Clinical Director at Tree of Life Counseling Center.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Utah License 8573900-3501) and spend most of my days seeing clients and interacting with people in the office.  In addition to being a psychotherapist, I’m also an Assistant Clinical Professor and Field Instructor at several local universities such as Utah State University, Boise State University, Rocky Vista University and the University of Utah.  I currently serve on the Weber State University Department of Social Work Community Advisory Council and the Weber Communities That Care Coalition.

For three years, I worked as a Unit Clinician at Highland Ridge Hospital and Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. I provided individual, family and group therapy in a residential setting for emotionally disturbed adolescents, many of whom presented with dual diagnosis and co-morbid psychiatric disorders.

I also worked as a Clinical Associate at Lifestone Counseling Center and Best Practice Counseling in Salt Lake City, where I learned how to help teenagers and young adults who had experienced significant trauma and adverse childhood experiences relieve their symptoms associated with those experiences.



Originally from Michigan, Matt completed his Bachelor's of Arts degree at Indiana Wesleyan University and his Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University.  Matt has worked as a wilderness therapy guide and in a residential treatment center for five years.  He has also spent a year working with a wide variety of community mental health areas.

Matt has found a lot of joy in working with individuals, couples and families.  He enjoys the privilege of being allowed into their stories and the ability to help them realize their own potential.  He enjoys using a narrative approach, acknowledging that everyone plays the role of protagonist in their own unique life story.  Matt is trained in EMDR and is tremendously excited about its positive and vivid applications. 

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Kelci is passionate about working with individuals, families, and especially children. She has experience working with children that have experienced trauma, behavioral disorders, and the foster care system. Kelci has facilitated both individual therapy and group therapy sessions in a school setting and understands how school systems affect children at various times in their development. She is rather eclectic in her approach to working with individuals and groups, utilizing humanistic principles, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and existential theory.  Kelci has training in play therapy and enjoys facilitating play therapy with children of all ages. She enjoys the flexibility and dynamics that play introduces into her work.

Kelci holds a Master’s degree in Community Counseling from Washington State University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Weber State University.



Devin is passionate about working with teens, young adults, and couples. This is largely in part because of his experience volunteering with teens and young adults in such organizations as Boy Scouts of America and Youth Impact, as well as many other organizations. He finds working with couples highly rewarding because of his success teaching relationship courses, as well as his personal experience as a husband and father.

Devin strives to help clients challenge unhelpful/negative thoughts and behaviors. Thus, allowing clients to establish a new and healthier way of living. Devin likes to work with clients to gain insight into their problems and have new corrective experiences. This is done through such evidence-based models as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Devin Stong, LAMFT obtained his bachelor’s degree in child and family studies at Weber State University. During that time, he taught relationships classes as a Family Life Educator.  Devin earned his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from UNLV



As a parent of two wonderfully challenging kids herself, Christina loves working with parents and kids.  One of her most important skills is her ability to offer creative, and simple solutions to help create more peace and connection at home. She will also assist couples increase their level of communication with one another and find more positive ways to express feelings to each other.  She has experience helping you identify core issues and gain skills to create positive relationship change. Additionally, Christina is adept at helping adults who have been abused as children and helping children find their voice and strength in knowing what to do in difficult situations. She has also worked successfully with families and survivors of community violence, domestic violence, and sexual assault/abuse. Through this experience, she is able to understand the complexity of emotions that often accompany trauma.  

Although Christina has extensive experience as a mental health therapist, she views each new client as a unique individual with his or her own specific personality, perspectives and challenges.  Whether she uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Insight Oriented Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy or Mindfulness, she strives to create a safe, nurturing, confidential relationship which is the foundation of any good counseling therapy.  Christina is a native of North Ogden, Utah and graduated with her bachelor degree in social work from Weber State University in 2005 and her Masters degree in social work from Utah State University in 2011. She is currently practicing mental health therapy in Utah as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.



Since high school, April felt the need to help others. She volunteered with various vulnerable populations and the experiences impacted her so much that she searched for a career that will allow her to continue serving. Now, as a social worker, her passion lies in empowering clients to make the changes they seek to improve their lives.

April grew up in two different communities: the Latino and American communities. Her dual culture knowledge and experience has allowed her to relate in a more personal level with a bigger pool of clients. She understands the hardships in cultural differences, language barriers, and the overall difficulty of assimilating to change.

April has a special interest in working with couples through marriage therapy. April believes that therapeutic strategies could help improve relationships through communication and respect. April works with teens and adults who have experienced trauma that has not been addressed. She is effective in using solution-focused therapy that will help clients help solve short-term problems and difficulties.  

Each person has a different reason for seeking out therapy, and has different goals.  April believes therapeutic strategies should be customizable to each client. April respects client’s right to determining their own goals and outcomes in therapy.  April empowers clients with tools and resources to accomplish their individual goals that will be beneficial for them now and in the future.